The decorations are up, the songs are on the radio, there’s no fighting it any longer, in case you hadn’t noticed, Christmas is here with bells on.

Envelopes full of glitter and good cheer start to fall on our welcome mats and everything is beginning to feel cosier. Excited children practise their songs about Rudolph and wardrobes secretly bulge with smiling baby dolls and novelty socks. 

It’s at this time of year that our homes come into their own and become something much more than the functional roofs over our heads. That Christmas sparkle infects us all and we take pride in lovingly unwrapping those little twinkly trinkets that have their special place every year on the mantlepiece or on the window sill. They remind us of our Christmas past and evoke precious memories.

At Christmas time, we plump our cushions, stock our fridges and get ready to welcome our friends and family into our cosy abodes. Cheeky kisses under the mistletoe, silly dances on the kitchen tiles and managing to find somewhere to sleep 10 people in your 3 bed semi are the things that make families and create Christmas.

So, if you’re binge watching TV in your pjs, or out dancing the night away, Kingshills wish you the very merriest of Christmases in your homes. We are still estate agents at heart though, so if you think maybe next year you’d like to be roasting that turkey somewhere a bit bigger, you know where we are…