There is nothing you can not do online. Want your new top delivered the next day? Order it online. Fancy a pizza for dinner, hop on your app and pick your toppings. Looking for a house? Click on Rightmove, choose your price bracket and find your dream home. Right? Maybe not. Whilst the internet has monumentally changed how we browse for our future homes and drool over other people’s subway tiles, it’s not necessarily the best way to actually find ‘The One’.
Glass fronted offices with pretty pictures in the windows are full of forlorn estate agents desperate to fulfil their destiny and find you that perfect house. You see, agents like buyers. They want to know all about your dream home and then, when they find it, their little hearts soar and they want to call you straight away and get you to see it. Our beloved online portals sadly lack that desire. They will happily pop little titbits into your inbox on a daily basis, but do they really know you?
In a challenging market, agents need to be proactive. It’s now that we come into our own, searching for sales and making things happen. If The Joneses want a 4 bedroom chalet bungalow with room for a Dachshund, a good agent will trawl through every property he or she has valued until they find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and will call you straight away, unable to contain their excitement. Unless you step into that nice warm office and have a chat with the friendly face in their freshly pressed shirt and trademark cufflinks, you could miss out on those gorgeous bi-folds or that integrated wine fridge tucked away on your Pinterest wish list.
The property market needs its ‘proptech’ and all singing, dancing portals, but make friends with an estate agent and you never know what you might find…