I think we can all agree that 2019 has been a frustrating year for the property market with a lot of false starts and concern from buyers and sellers about prices. No doubt, if you have been trying to sell your property, you have felt the same way. As the majority of agents now look to hibernate for the Christmas period, Kingshills are wide awake and busy making plans for 2020. 

Maybe you’re on the market at the moment, and keen to avoid the end of year slow-down or perhaps you would like to be in a new home in the Spring and are wondering when to get your home on the market? If so, now is the time to make a plan. 

The Christmas period is one of the busiest times for Rightmove as buyers finally have time on their hands to focus on their search for a new home. If you are hoping to move in early 2020, now is the time to get your property ready for marketing. Here’s your Kingshills’ 2020 Move Action Plan:

November: Book your valuations in for the next few weeks, before the work Christmas party and the onslaught of school events. You will have the information you need to make your decisions and then instruct your agent. If you are on the market already and experiencing low activity, speak to another agent about their thoughts on your home and gain a new perspective about why you may be struggling. 

Early December: before the Christmas decorations go up, your agent can get the photos of your property taken, along with floorplans and videos etc. 

With everything they need in hand, your agent can now start talking to people about your property. December’s often quieter marketplace is the perfect time for your agent to get proactive and start speaking to buyers about your house. Viewings won’t be of an overwhelming number and your agent can work them around your calendar, so you can focus on more pressing festive matters. Your home needn’t be online at this stage, so you won’t be overrun with viewings and it won’t go stale, but you have a head start on your competition, who will be waiting it out until January. 

Christmas! Enjoy your home for the festive period and start giving some serious thought to what you will want in your next home. A larger kitchen for easier entertaining next year? Maybe an extra bedroom so family can stay a bit longer? If you have some time for peace and quiet, look at properties online and talk to your agent about what they have coming to the market for you. 

January: Full speed ahead! If you haven’t already secured a sale on your property from the preliminary marketing, it’s now time to hit the market with a new year bang! Now that you have time to focus and gear up for your move, your property can head onto the market at full pace ready to target the early bird buyers of 2020. Your competitors will be just thinking about which agent to go with, while you are ahead of the game and ready to go. 

We are eager to get the wheels in motion for 2020’s market, with a number of properties already on the books, which we are in a position to talk to our most motivated buyers about. If you are thinking about a move in 2020, now is the time to speak to us.