Has my land got potential?

Whether you have a large garden or no longer need all the space, or have spoken with your neighbours to build a bigger development, own commercial premises, or a site with planning history, there are many ways we can still help you. Stephen Grace has a track record of helping clients get the true value of the land.

“How much is my land worth?” There are many ways to calculate the value of land and you do not need to invest heavily architects or planning permissions at this stage, there are other ways and means to find this out. Obtaining planning permission can sometimes be difficult to achieve and it often requires experience to understand the intricacies of what needs to be done. We can offer a Feasibility study of your land that outlines exactly what needs to be done to obtain planning permission, this report is conducted by a qualified planning consultant with the help of our Managing Director.

If you own some land that you think may have potential, we can give you as much advice as you require. We will support you right from the very start, or we could guide you through the simpler process of selling to a developer via an option agreement.

There are always options and once we understand your priorities, we will give you guidance and suggestions that best suits for your needs.

It all begins with a conversation. Planning refused? Planning submitted? Planning granted? Tell us where you are now and we’ll help you reap the rewards for the future.

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