The planning application has been submitted

That’s Great News! To get this stage you have had to go through many obstacles, and over the following months there could be further hurdles to overcome, but as long as your local authority is helping you in the correct way and you are engaging great architects and planning consultants, you should be heading in the right direction.

When considering the next steps consider finding out what the homes will be worth once built, Kingshills have valued many sites and understand all the terminology that a developer looks for when looking to purchase land that has planning.

First of all, we will give you advice on what we believe the properties to be worth, this is backed up with comparable evidence of other sites and what they have been achieving, this report will also give a buyer demographic, so you know exactly what audience you will be aiming at if you were to market the homes yourself.

Next, the choice would be if you wish to develop the site or maybe to sell the land on. You need to appreciate that many house builders and developers will work in partnership with landowners to ensure that a planning application is one that, once approved, will appeal to an end user (the Home Owner).

Why not give us a call to have a completely confidential chat with no strings attached so you can consider all the different routes available to you.

Our job is to give expert guidance and to help you reach the best outcome.

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